Music IS social. Music IS emotional. Musical Social Emotional Learning (MSEL) capitalizes on the power of music education to help our students build the competencies of SELF (self-awareness & self-management), OTHERS (social-awareness & relationship management), and DECISIONS (responsible decision-making). First and foremost, MSEL must be intentionally embedded into musical instruction. It should never feel like “one more thing” or a box to check; it should simply feel like great music teaching meeting our students’ needs. Social Emotional Learning is front and center in education; Music for All and Dr. Scott Edgar are here to help make this important work relevant and MUSICAL for both you and your students!

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Jonathan Grantham

Concert Band

Elise Hackl

General Music

Darlene Machacon

General Elem. Music/Choir

Yorel Lashley

Arts Administrator

Shawna Longo

General Music

Bobby Olson


Juan Carlos Tavarez

Elementary Music

Hosted by Dr. Scott n. edgar

Music Edcuation and Social Emotional Learning

Written by Dr. Scott N. Edgar

The ABCs of My Feelings and Music

Written by Dr. Scott N. Edgar & Stephanie Edgar

Portraits of Music Education and Social Emotional Learning

Edited by Scott Edgar with foreword by Bob Morrison

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