Episode 3 - Engaging the Student Musician

August 4 at 7 p.m. ET 

Guests on the third episode to include Fran Kick, Lori Schwartz-Reichl, Cecilia Clark, and Scott Edgar. Moderators are Myra Rhoden and Susan Smith. Presented by Yamaha.

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Student Teaching 2020: “Mind the Gap” 

How, What, & Why – a practical webseries for future music educators, presented by Yamaha. A live series for music education majors whose student teaching experience was impacted by the novel coronavirus, beginning in June and running until December 2020.

Participants will have opportunities throughout the series to participate in “mock interviews” with master teachers and principals from districts around the country. District administrators, music educators, principals, and fine arts administrators will make up the panels in each session.

Topics throughout the series will include: 

  • Rehearsal Pacing/Sequencing
  • Classroom management
  • Programming with more contemporary issues in mind
  • Interviewing
  • First year teacher challenges
  • Commissioning Composers
  • Arts/Music Advocacy (Social Emotional Learning)
  • Philosophy of Music Education
  • Non-musical challenges facing first year teachings

We hope this series will help student teachers “mind the gap” between their first classroom experience and student teaching amid COVID-19, and find support through guidance of a network of mentor music educators.