Music for All Hall of Fame

Music for All’s Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made a significant impact on Bands of America, Music for All, and music education in America. Members represent impeccable character, ethics, and professionalism, and are role models for music education professionals. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is traditionally held in the spring during the Music for All National Festival in Indianapolis. Members are permanently recognized in the Hall of Fame at Music for All’s Indianapolis headquarters. The Bands of America Hall of Fame was renamed the Music for All Hall of Fame in 2020.

2022 Inductees

William Galvin

Music for All Educational Consultant and coordinator o the Sandy Feldstein National Percussion Festival

Don Jaramillo

Past member of Music for All Advisory Board, 2013 Bands of America Honor Band Staff Member

Henry Leck

Founding Coordinator of the Music for All National Choir Festival, Educational Consultant for Music for All Choral Programming

Larry J. Livingston

Artistic Director, Music for All’s Honor Orchestra of America, Dean of the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music

Nomination Information


Hall of Fame inductees should meet the following criteria:

  • Have made/had a significant impact on Music for All, music education, and a national impact on America’s band activity
  • Represent impeccable character, ethics, and professionalism
  • Be a role model for music education professionals

Nominees meeting the selection criteria may be submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee.

Candidates for whom the above-referenced criterion is met will be placed on the list of possible nominees eligible for selection. This list will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee annually for selection. The Committee selects inductees, which must be ratified by Music for All’s Board of Directors.


  • The nominator who plans to sponsor a nominee must compile the following data:
  • A letter detailing the nominee’s qualifications based on the Bands of America Hall of Fame Criteria
  • Three (3) supporting letters from the nominee’s peers and/or colleagues familiar with Music for All’s Hall of Fame criteria

Nominations, including all supporting information, should be submitted together as an email to James Stephens, Director of Education and Advocacy, at

All communications concerning the Hall of Fame should be referred to James Stephens at