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Stu and Sharon Holzer
Stu and Sharon Holzer




Stu and Sharon Holzer embody the essence and importance of volunteerism that is exhibited by music boosters nationwide and helps bring Music for All’s mission to life. They served on the band booster board for Centerville High School in Ohio for six years while their daughter and son were in the Centerville Jazz Band, including in 1992 when the band won the BOA Grand National Championships. They got to know Bands of America staff through their participation. After their children graduated, they decided to share their love for the activity in order to help make possible the kinds of experiences they so valued for their own children.

Stu and Sharon met while attending The Ohio State University. Stu was born in New York City and raised in Ohio. Active in ham radio since the age of 12, Stu worked in information technology, retiring in 2008 from the NCR Corporation after 32 years. Sharon was born and raised in Ohio, played violin and sang in the choir in school, and has been employed by the Centerville City Schools for 19 years.

Knowing the nerves and anxious feelings that many music boosters and parents feel when helping their ensembles on site at events, Stu and Sharon take to heart helping them feel comfortable, easing their nervousness and helping them through the system at Bands of America Championships, an event staff role they have served for 20 years. They’ve gotten to know and formed friendships with band parents, directors and students from programs across the country.

Stu and Sharon believe Music for All makes a powerful statement about the value and importance of music education in our lives, providing the stage for young people to showcase talent, but also providing a fraternity for school musicians.