Becoming an Adjudicator with Bands of America

Music for All’s Bands of America (BOA) marching band championships have been setting the standard for marching arts excellence since 1975. Judging for Bands of America is both a challenging and rewarding experience, where those involved are committed to providing participants with a positively life-changing experience. We strive to provide the best assessment for our participant marching bands through a comprehensive vetting and education process for all prospective judging candidates.


The expectation for any prospective judge candidate is that they have an extensive background and educational experiences in the marching arts. In order to become an adjudicator for Bands of America, prospective adjudicators must present the following:

  • Three letters of recommendation from any nationally competitive organization or individuals for which you have judged
  • Resume or curriculum vitae outlining your experience judging nationally competitive pageantry organizations, teaching experience, and other related information
  • Complete a series of field trials
  • Sample judge recordings for review and evaluation:
    • Must include performance and effect evaluations
    • All judges must have the ability to evaluate the entirety of the ensemble in all music or visual captions

Given the criteria and necessary timeline to complete the above, it may take a minimum of one season before an adjudicator is assigned to a BOA championship. Based on previous experience with other pageantry arts organizations, such as DCI or WGI, the prospective adjudicator could be eligible for immediate assignment.

Workshops and Ongoing Training

All BOA adjudicators are required to attend and participate in workshops and ongoing training programs designed to supplement their individual education and experience with information related to the BOA Scoring System. Topics covered would include but not be limited to:

  • Scoring system philosophy
  • Caption/sub-caption criteria and criteria reference methodology
  • The process of evaluating achievement
  • Numerical score assignment and ‘Numbers Management’
  • Successful communication techniques

These workshops are developed under the direction of the Bands of America Chief Judge in consultation with competing band directors.

Commitment during the Fall Season

Being an adjudicator for Bands of America requires a great deal of dedication, both in time and energy spent. Adjudicators are required by Music for All to be present on-site the evening before their responsibilities begin until the Sunday evening following a Regional or Super Regional Event. You may also be assigned to multiple weekends throughout the Fall season.

Adjudicators are also encouraged to keep yourself in good physical condition, especially for any field assignments. Temperatures, especially in the early part of the Fall, can remain quite high and it is important to keep cool and hydrated.

Grand National Championships

Those selected to adjudicate the Grand National Championships are required to complete the following:

  • Successfully performed as an adjudicator at a Bands of America Regional and/or Super Regional Championship
  • Adjudicated a significant number of bands competing in Grand Nationals in the caption they will evaluate
  • Continued their educational commitment with BOA by attending workshops and administering any other ongoing training
  • Not been an adjudicator at Grand Nationals during the last three years

For questions related to Bands of America adjudication, please use the link below.

The materials mentioned above will all be used as continuous evaluation tools by the Chief Judge to determine the individual’s continued involvement as well as to determine specific focus areas for each judge. To submit your materials, please use the link below.