Becoming an Adjudicator with Bands of America

Music for All’s Bands of America (BOA) marching band championships have been setting the standard for marching arts excellence since 1975. Judging for Bands of America is a rewarding experience that delivers on Music for All’s mission to provide participants with positively life-changing experiences.

Summary of Opportunity

Bands of America strives to provide the best assessment of our participating bands through a comprehensive vetting and education process for prospective judge candidates. The expectation for any prospective judge candidate is that they have an extensive background in the marching arts and related education as follows:

  • Prior judging experience in a marching arts activity.
  • Prior experience as a band director, musical arranger, visual designer, and/or instructor in the marching arts.
  • Ability to judge more than one music caption (music individual, ensemble, and general effect) or more than one visual caption (visual individual, ensemble, and general effect).

Candidates meeting the above requirements are invited to apply. Submissions will be reviewed by the BOA Judge Administration Team on a rolling basis. Invitations to join the BOA adjudicator roster for upcoming BOA seasons will be issued based on need and quality of application. Judge candidates may be asked to successfully complete online training sessions and/or trial judge at BOA competitions – ideally on two captions.

Contact the BOA Judge Administration Team

Apply as a Prospective BOA Adjudicator