Leadership Lessons from the Music for All Leadership Weekend Experience

Given we won’t be together for the 2020 Music for All Leadership weekend experience, we thought you might enjoy seeing and sharing a series of {Virtual} sessions via video. The idea is to curate some ideas and insights shared over the years during our Leadership Weekend. Add in some recent interviews and offer you, your students, your staff, as well as your music-making community an excuse to “stop and think” about how leadership is ultimately everyone’s responsibility—whether you have a title or not!

If there’s one lesson, among the many, being shared with our entire planet it’s that we could use more people paying attention, responding appropriately, getting actively involved in what’s going on. If any of these {Virtual} Leadership Weekend video lessons have value for you and your corner of the world, all we ask is you freely share this web page so others can find them too.

Thank you again and keep KICKin’ IT IN…no matter what!

Fran Kick

Frank Dilallo

“I Just Wish I Knew”

A Conversation for Music Educators

Frank DiLallo

“Self Care for Teachers”

A Conversation for Music Educators

Frank DiLallo

“Acknowledge the Loss”

A Conversation for Music Educators

Lesson #1

Life is like a River with Frank Crockett

Lesson #2

“If you want to get better, CHANGE is required!” with Cecilia Clark

Lesson #3

Leadership Lens with J.R. Snow

Lesson #4

The R’s of Leadership with Dr. Michelle Bluford

Lesson #5

Leadership Lessons with Taylor Watts

Lesson #6

Be Yourself…and more! with Cecilia Clark

Lesson #7

Leadership Lessons with Jerell Horton

Lesson #8

Various lessons from  J.R Snow, Bobby Lambert, and Norm Logan

Lesson #9

Everyone has a Part to Play with Matt Savage

Lesson #10

Leadership Lessons with Doug Droste

Lesson #11

Understanding Communication with Tom Pompei

Lesson #12

Lessons from MGySgt William Rulapaugh

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