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Fran Kick
Fran Kick




Fran Kick, M.A. Educational Psychology, CSP®, Author, Leadership Consultant, Strategic Advisor, and Professional Speaker, works with corporate and educational organizations that want to develop better leadership and smarter followership for faster long-term results. Fran is the creator and presenter of KICK IT IN® a series of self-motivational personal leadership presentations and published materials. Since taking an educational leave of absence from teaching band at Centerville High School (Ohio), he developed his part-time speaking adventure into a full-time mission. Every year Fran presents programs across North America to thousands of college/university, high school, junior high/middle school students, plus the many people who work with them. Having taught both public school and college level students, Fran Kick combines his master’s degree and clinical background in Educational Psychology with over 30 years in the K-20 educational and business worlds. He has presented 3,306 programs in all 50 U.S. states and 6 Canadian Provinces to audiences of 40 to 10,800 participants.

From 1998-2023, Fran served as the Leadership Coordinator with the Music for All Summer Symposium. From 2014-2023 he served as a strategic educational advisor and consultant to the Music for All Educational Team year-round as the Leadership Programs & Initiatives Coordinator. In 2009, Fran created, produced, and coordinated a biannual collaboration of 9 national arts associations facilitating the Future Music Educators’ Experience every August and every November at DCI and BOA Semifinals. From 2009 to 2023, thousands of college students from over 200 different university campuses across the country attended the Future Music Educators’ Experience. Fran also served on the NAfME Collegiate Advisory Council 2021-2023 as an at-large member providing advice on student programs, projects, events, campaigns, as well as supporting leadership development for pre-college and collegiate student activities in music education.

Fran created and delivered an 8-year summer series of pre-show, stadium-sized, leadership, team-building events at NFL and collegiate stadiums across the U.S. each summer (48 events in total) to help music students, their directors, and parents Kick Start their season with DCI! From 2015-2020, Fran also served on the Board of Directors for Drum Corps International.

Outside the music education world, he also works with schools, associations, conventions, and corporate organizations that are actively engaged in teaching and reaching today’s kids. Fran speaks at many state, regional, and national conferences about What Makes Kids KICK and how they can KICK IT IN & TAKE THE LEAD. He has his B.A. in Music Education and a M.A. in Educational Psychology.

What to do when a student just doesn’t seem to care?

Everyone feels “off” sometimes. In this article, Fran Kick shares his tips for handling situations in which students seem to be having an “off” day.

Bringing more emotion to music by visually inspiring your mind’s eye

Fran Kick encourages readers to engage visual learning in the music classroom.

Are you better today than you were yesterday?

Fran Kick shares methods for making sure that students are getting better each day on their journey toward self improvement.

What we believe when it comes to developing student leadership: What Do YOU Believe?

Fran Kick shares the beliefs of the Music for All Summer Symposium leadership program and encourages readers to identify and understand their own beliefs about leadership.

Early Lessons In Leadership

Fran Kick shares how our early experiences with leadership can set our frame of reference for life.

What Makes Kids KICK IT IN and TAKE THE LEAD

Fran Kick writes on how different generations of students experience and portray leadership differently than those who came before them.

Kickin’ It In with words and action!

Fran Kick writes on the important roles that both words AND actions play in leadership.

Developing the Self-Motivation to Kick It In….when you’re tired of the carrot and stick approach!

Fran Kick helps readers understand the meaning of “motivation,” the different kinds of motivation, and how to help students move away from a“what’s in it for me?” attitude.