Building a strategic plan

strategic plan is a coordinated and systematic way to develop a course and direction for your organization. It determines where your organziation is going over the next few years and how you are going to get there. At the I-65 Summit, students and teachers participate in collaborative discussions as they develop a strategic plan to support the growth and sustainability of their music program during the following academic year. 

The curriculum for the I-65 Corridor Summit is guided by the belief that collaboration between students and teachers is the best method for creating and developing a comprehensive music program that can sustain itself through the support and investment of its most important groups of constituents. When first developing their strategic plans, students and teachers collaborate together to create a mission, vision, and core values for their music program to influence goal setting and future decision-making for their programs. Focusing on the upcoming academic year, the students and teachers set strategic, attainable goals focused on the areas of Recruitment & Retention, Community Engagement, Marketing & Promotion, Parent/Booster Involvement, Fundraising & Sponsorship, and Decision-Maker Interaction. Within these areas, they identified strengths and weaknesses within their program and developed their goals.