Music for All is dedicated to building leaders and celebrating teachers and teaching. We are an advocate for music and arts education. Our educational programs support the efforts of music teachers at all academic levels, as well as provide positively life-changing experiences for students. Here you will find tools to help be an advocate for and elevate your program as educators. 

Advocacy Resources

Music for All’s advocacy programs and resources are key elements in our vision to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has access and opportunity to active music making in his or her scholastic environment. Our educational programs and events are just one way we deliver our advocacy efforts and message: We lead with music. Learn more about how you can lead with music in your community.

Bands of America Adjudication

For 45 years, the Bands of America Marching Band Championships have set the standard of marching excellence. Through increased focus on the musical aspect of a performance, as opposed to the fine-line perfection and visual pagentry, Bands of America approaches judging and the adjudication process from a student-centered perspective, elevating the participant’s experience above all else.  

Repertoire Resources

The Music for All National Festival evaluation panel has compiled repertoire resources for directors that is intended to challenge and inspire each of us to seriously consider the artistry and depth of music we share with our students. 

Webinars & Online Learning

In these uncertain times, digital and online learning is constantly evolving. Here you can find a variety of online resources to assist in navigating the new challenges of digital and online music education.

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