Instrumental Videos from Yamaha Performing Artists


Flute Tips

Mimi Stillman shares tips for flute playing from intonation to memorization and more!

Breaking in Reeds

Stephen Page offers tips on how to break in saxophone and clarinet reeds.

Easy Reed Adjustment

Stephen Page’s tips for solving reed problems and helping your reeds play better for longer

Bassoon Basics

Doug Spaniol shares bassoon basics on the “bocalphone.”

clarinet tutorials

Christopher Ayer shares videos on embouchure, long tones, and hand position and movement.


trumpet improvisation

Rex Richardson talks about the importance of improvisation outside of a jazz setting

Tuba Scale Fluency

Thomas Bough provides practice tips and patterns for improving scale fluency.

Horn - lip trills

Gustavo Camacho guides viewers through lip flips and lip trills.

tuba - long tones

Joanna Hersey guides viewers through long tone exercises for tuba. 

Trombone - essential tips

Robert Soto shares his essential tips for young trombone players.


Marimba Scales

Matthew Geiger guides viewers through scale exercises for marimba.

Snare drum buzz rolls

Matthew Geiger helps viewers perfect buzz rolls.

Snare Drum Musicality

Matthew Geiger teaches viewers how to play with more musicality.

Simple Snare concepts

Matt Savage shares simple snare concepts in this fireside chat.

improv warm up

Matt Savage shares his favorite warm up to work on a variety of skills at once.

table top rhythm session

Play along with Matt Savage in this table top rhythm session.

Finger Technique

Jay Ware shares exercises for improving finger technique for percussionists.

Marimba Technique

Ming Hui Kuo demonstrates how to bring out the melodic line independently with double vertical strokes on marimba.

Virtual Band Camp from the U.S. Army Field Band

Playing in a Section

Series introduction and exploration of how individuals fit into ensembles

Playing with Others

Learn about playing in chamber ensembles, specifically brass quintets

Playing With Others II

Learn more about playing in chamber ensembles, specifically woodwind quintets

Playing for Others

Learn about playing for others, such as in an accompaniment setting

Playing for Everyone

Learn about making performances fun and engaging for performers and audiences

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